Prof. Trefzer, Prof. Kämpgen in FOCUS physicians’ directory 2017

In the currently forthcoming physicians’ directory 2017 of the news magazine FOCUS, Prof. Dr. Trefzer and Prof. Dr. Kämpgen were named outstanding experts.

Prof. Dr. Trefzer and Prof. Dr. Kämpgen were – just like in the years 2014 and 2016 – awarded for their expertise in the field of skin cancer.

In these important areas, the highly experienced physicians have not only provided exceedingly good care for their patients but have also worked scientifically, given various national and international talks and published many scientific papers.

The DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN is the only practice in Germany, in which three leading physicians are named specialists in the FOCUS physicians’ directory.

The remarkable characteristic of the FOCUS physicians’ directory is that its selection criteria are based on the recommendations of other doctors, scientific criteria as well as evaluations by patients. Additionally, it is not entire practices or hospitals that are named, but always individual doctors who are awarded for their outstanding expertise in their respective fields.