Skin Cancer Precursors

For the treatment of skin cancer precursors (“actinic keratoses”), different treatment methods (creams, gels, cryotherapy, photodynamic therapy and laser ablation) can be employed. Laser ablation using a fractional CO2 laser is a good, low-pain and speedy option. Depending on the patient’s individual pain perception, it can be performed with or without local anaesthesia. The affected skin lesions are gradually, layer by layer, ablated by the laser light until they are fully removed. Due to the good controllability of the laser energy, side effects (pigmentation, flat scars) can be avoided for the vast majority of patients. If a histological examination is necessary to ensure a correct diagnosis, the laser ablation can be combined with a biopsy. This procedure is also well suited for people with both skin cancer precursors and an existing immunosuppression (e.g. after a kidney transplant or drug intake).

Dermatologikum Berlin, 09.05.2014

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