Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Trefzer

Leading physician

Uwe Trefzer

  • Medical studies at Freiburg with study visits to the UK, Switzerland, Israel and the USA
  • From 1991 training as dermatologist at the university hospital of Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg
  • 1992 doctorate about the tolerability of dialysis systems for patients
  • 1992 – 1993 research stay in the USA
  • Since 1994 dermatologist at the dermatological clinic of the university hospital Charité in Berlin including longstanding occupation as senior physician
  • 2000 specialist for dermatology
  • From 2005 head of the melanoma centre of Charité, one of Germany’s largest tumour centres; additional titles of medical tumour therapy and allergology
  • 2006 habilitation and award of authorisation to teach the subject of dermatology and venerology
  • Since 2013 one of three leading physicians at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN
  • Versatile activities in national and international advisory bodies in the field of dermatological drug development; diverse activities in working groups for guaranteeing safety and data quality during cancer medication development
  • Laureate of the American Academy of Dermatology
  • Longstanding head of a laboratory and a working group for research on the effect of the immune system on the emergence of skin cancer and on the usage of the immune system for fighting skin cancer
  • Longstanding head of a large research centre for the conduct of clinical trials for patients with skin cancer
  • Appointment as professor at Charité university hospital Berlin; regular teaching of medical students with one of the emphases being the improvement of the communication with patients
  • Author of over 100 research publications as well as numerous text books and brochures
  • Invitations to about 60 national and international talks on dermatological and oncological issues annually
  • Board member and treasurer of the Dermatological Oncology Working Group (ADO), one of the largest specialist organisations of the German Cancer Association (DKG)
  • Member of the editorial board of multiple professional journals
  • Organiser of periodic, supra-regional trainings for physicians and medical staff as well as coach in the field of dermatological innovation