Rhinoplasty in Berlin – the specialist Dr. Rupprecht was awarded again by FOCUS

Rhinoplasties are considered the most difficult procedure in the entire field of aesthetic surgery. Only few physicians have chosen this complex matter as the focus of their plastic surgical work.

Hence, the FOCUS physicians’ directory only names 18 physicians as outstanding experts in the field of rhinoplasty in the whole of Germany.

Dr. Rupprecht has been named in the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the FOCUS physicians’ directory as an outstanding physician in aesthetic surgery with the specialisation of rhinoplasty and nose surgery.

Furthermore, within the scope of his specialisation Dr. Rupprecht often performs revisional surgery, i.e. nose corrections after external nose surgery with unsatisfying results. These revision surgeries are considered substantially more difficult than primary rhinoplasties already are.

Most patients inform themselves nowadays extensively about their planned surgery. For rhinoplasties, they often accept long travel distances to have their procedure performed by the specialist of their choice.
Accordingly, Dr. Rupprecht’s patients do not only come from Berlin and the surrounding countryside but from all over Germany and Europe.

Nose corrections are performed by Dr. Rupprecht almost exclusively under general anaesthesia but can usually be outpatient surgeries. Of course, the patients may choose to spend the night in the clinic if this is indicated medially or the patient’s wish, e.g. when the travel distance is long.