SEYOmed TDA – transdermal application

Look youthful, fresh and attractive at any age
– without needles and without pain

SEYO TDA is the world’s first and currently the only dermatological-aesthetic therapy system that transports bioactive nutrients and anti-aging ingredients with patented carrier substances (so-called TDA carriers) precisely and at ultrasound speed into the deepest skin layers.
The secret of skin penetration lies in the carrier substance LP3, which was exclusively developed by SEYO-TDA and enriched with active ingredients. During the treatment, LP3 is activated with pure oxygen and enables active substances to reach cellular structures. This leads to better oxygenation with a long-lasting effect for radiantly beautiful skin.

Treatment overview

Areas of application: Anti-aging for the face, neck, décolleté and hands
Treatment type: non-invasive treatment
Downtime: none
Side effects: basically none
Treatment time: 45 – 60 min
Treatment recommendation: 4 – 6 treatments as a cure every 2 weeks, then once a month
Treatment results: wrinkle reduction, improvement and refinement of the complexion, activation of natural skin regeneration, reduced pigment spots

TDA drug ampoule

Face: 110 €
Face + neck: 130 €
Face + neck + decollete: 150 €
Hands: 110 €

TDA PRP plasma

Face: 160 €
Face + neck: 180 €
Face + neck + decollete: 200 €
Hands: 160 €