General Plastic Surgery

At DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN, Dr. Rupprecht is available to you as a highly experienced specialist for plastic & aesthetic surgery.

During his longstanding appointment as senior physician and vice chief physician of a large German plastic surgical clinic, he gained comprehensive skills in the fields of both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.

Literally translated, the term “plastic surgery” means “forming surgery”; the correct term for the respective medical specialisation is “plastic & aesthetic surgery”.

The specialist field “plastic & aesthetic surgery” comprises four large areas that are often called the “pillars” of plastic surgery:

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Burn surgery
  • Aesthetic surgery

Reconstructive surgery is used at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN for, among others, the surgical treatment of skin cancer. The latter often appears on the face so that during the surgery not only the full removal of the tumour but also a reconstruction that is held up to the highest aesthetical standards is of utmost importance.
Dr. Rupprecht has conducted more than 10,000 surgeries for benign and malign skin tumours since 1995. Especially useful to his tumour surgery is his rare double qualification as specialist for both plastic & aesthetic surgery and dermatology.
Another emphasis is the correction of scars whereby a variety of different techniques is utilised – often a combination of surgery and laser therapy is useful. The treatment of chronic wounds also falls in the overlapping area of plastic & aesthetic surgery and dermatology.
The reconstruction in the areas of nose and eyelids presents a particular challenge. Here, Dr. Rupprecht offers long-termed experience. Of course, devices for surgeries under magnification as well as microsurgical instruments are available at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN.

Hand surgery is not offered at DEMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN. In case of problems in this area of expertise, we will recommend you visit medical colleagues with the relevant specialisation and expertise.

Acute burns are only treated at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN if they are present on small surfaces and do not affect complex areas like the face or hands. In case of a substantial extent of the burn or complex problems, we will transfer you to a specialised clinic.
Burn scars can be treated at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN with plastic surgical methods as well as with specialised lasers. A highly specialised laser is available for this purpose (see “Laser Medicine”).

The field of aesthetic surgery comprises all plastic surgical procedures aimed at the improvement of appearance. These surgeries can on principle be conducted on all body regions.

Due to his longstanding plastic surgical experience, Dr. Rupprecht can offer you a variety of aesthetic surgical procedures. Which procedure can sensibly be performed on an individual patient can only be determined during a personal presentation of the patient at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN as a comprehensive consultation is always a part of the patient’s clinical examination.

In the face, lifting operations like the face lift or eyelid lift are common; so are ear pinning plastic surgeries.

Aesthetic adjustments of the eyelids are a specialty of Dr. Rupprecht. Often, excellent results at low risk can be achieved through a combination of surgical procedures and a laser treatment.

Dr. Rupprecht has a special expertise in aesthetic nose surgery (see “Aesthetic & Functional Nose Surgery”). He is one of Germany’s most experienced doctors in this field.

In other body regions, procedures for body lifting (at abdomen, legs, arms etc.), liposuctions and others are offered. Corrections of the male breast can be performed surgically, via suction or a combination of both techniques depending on the clinical results.

Excessive sweating in the arm pits can be effectively treated through suction curettage.

Before each potential aesthetic surgical procedure, the patient is examined and counselled and alternative treatment options, potential risks and side effects as well as the prospect of success are discussed thoroughly.

Plastic & aesthetic surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia, in twilight sleep or general anaesthesia depending on their indication. They can take place as outpatient treatment at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN or at a nearby private clinic where the patient can spend one or more nights after the procedure.

For patients who had a surgical procedure at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN we have an emergency telephone number which is being forwarded to one of the physicians. This telephone number is handed out to the patient in the individual case.

How do I find the right plastic surgeon?

The field of expertise “plastic & aesthetic surgery” is often falsely equated with “beauty/cosmetic surgery”. The term “beauty surgery” is not protected and, therefore, all physicians can call themselves “beauty surgeon” as they see fit. In contrast, the terms “plastic surgery” and “aesthetic surgery” are protected.

Only those surgeons who completed the corresponding residency (specialisation training) may call themselves plastic surgeons. There are, however, also further specialisations within the field of plastic & aesthetic surgery.

That is why the most important recommendation to you as a patient is: seek extensive advice and ask your physician whether he or she specialises in the procedure requested by you.