Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

beautiful woman touching her eye area„Bright eyes” on the one hand, “tired eyes” on the other. Every one of us knows these terms and uses them in day to day life. But only few people are aware that the impression of “brightness” or “tiredness” is not evoked by the eyes themselves but by their surroundings, i.e. the upper and lower eyelids. This way, the eyelids and the adjacent midface (the so-called periorbital region) significantly contribute to the overall impression of the face.

Typical Problems
The most common problems concerning the upper eyelid are the slackening of skin and the protrusion of the fat pads located around the eyes. “Hooded eyelids” and a bulging at the side of the eyelid, which can even lead to a limitation of the field of view in individual cases, can appear as a result.

There is a variety of potential problems of the lower eyelid that range from the slackening of the lower eyelid via the protrusion of the fat pads around the eyes, the show through of fine vessels, a lack of volume above the osseous lower edge of the eye cavity through to wrinkles, little skin tumours and the alteration in pigmentation of the lower eyelid skin.

Surgical and Conservative Corrections
The corrections performed at the upper eyelid are usually lifting operations called upper eyelid lifts. However, during this procedure considerably more structures are corrected than just the skin.
From a plastic surgical perspective, many delicate details must be considered for the correct surgical planning and optimal aesthetic result of an upper eyelid lift.

At the lower eyelid, a variety of (surgical) corrections must be distinguished. Only few procedures are restricted to the lower eyelid, usually anatomical structures of the midface are (also) affected. There are, as described above, many widely varying aesthetical problems of the lower eyelid. It is often a combination of multiple treatment strategies that leads to an optimal aesthetic result. Those may be a surgical correction (lower eyelid lift, midface lift, canthopexy), the application of Botox, the volume correction via cutting-edge hyaluronan preparations or laser treatment.

Via diverse corrections both the upper and lower eyelids can be improved aesthetically – the way from “tied eyes” to “bright eyes”.

The aesthetic correction of the lower eyelids is considered a difficult procedure in aesthetic surgery. Only very few plastic surgeons have a special training for these procedures and can look back upon long-term experience.
It is not plausible why many doctors practicing surgery view upper eyelid lifts as simple procedures. They also require the consideration of many details and mistakes may lead to significant aesthetic and functional problems.

At DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN, Dr. Rupprecht, who is a considerably experienced plastic surgeon, is available to perform eyelid corrections.
13 years of experience at one of Germany’s largest clinics for plastic surgery, 7 of which as leading senior physician and partly as deputy head physician, are complimented by 20 years of experience with conservative dermatological therapies (hyaluronan, Botox, laser).

There are various surgical techniques available for the aesthetic correction of the eyelids. Which technique is suitable for each individual patient can only be determined through a personal presentation of the patient at the practice.
During the presentation, the eyelids and the entire region around the eyes (periorbital region) are carefully examined. Apart from the aesthetics, also the individually strongly differing anatomy as well as the function of the eyelids are assessed.
The latter is of special significance as the eyelids’ function must be considered when performing eyelid procedures. In some cases, an impairment of the eyelid function is the main cause for surgery.

Eyelid corrections are usually performed under local anaesthesia. Especially more extensive procedures of the lower eyelid may, however, also be performed under general anaesthesia.

All surgeries can either take place as outpatient treatment at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN or as inpatient procedures at a nearby private clinic where the patient can spend one or more nights after his surgery.

For patients who had a surgical procedure at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN we have an emergency telephone number which is being forwarded to one of the physicians. This telephone number is handed out to the patient in the individual case.

Conservative treatment of the eyelids and the periorbital region – Botox, hyaluronan, laser etc. – are performed as outpatient treatment at DERMATOLOGIKUM BERLIN.